The Story of Yalda

The world was dark and cold. There was no light, and there was no hope. A dark and endless night ruled the world. The demon wanted the world to be cold and dark. He detested life and fled from the light. Everywhere he went, he destroyed any sign of life, cutting it down at its roots.

Until one night, in this long and infinite darkness, in a cave within the heart of a tall mountain, a boy was born named “Mehr.” Mehr, the son of Anahita, came into the world on the dark night of Yalda, bringing light with him.

The demon was furious about this event! He was infuriated and used all his might to nullify any action Mehr took. From the moment of his birth, Mehr fought against the demon. He brought warmth and light to the earth, helping seeds and trees to sprout. The demon followed him to thwart his efforts.

Unaware that Mehr, warmth, and light would eventually open their way towards the earth, driving away the darkness.

Mehr taught people how to build homes and plant seeds. He brought kindness, companionship, and happiness with him. And when people realized that the night of the demon never ends, on another Yalda night, Mehr ascended to the sky… It remained unclear whether Mehr gave more light to the sun or went and became a part of the sun forever; but from those days until today, people celebrate the night of Yalda. On the longest night of the year, they wear clothes in the red hues of the sun. They eat red fruits and drink red wine. They gather nuts and dried fruits in containers to remind themselves of the coming summer. They recite poetry, and together, they celebrate the longest night of the year; until darkness departs, and light comes, and Mehr shines upon the earth.

Until Yalda, until the end of darkness, and a new day shines anew. Until the earth comes alive and warms our hearts, and until people know that in the long and extensive history of the earth, the darkness has never prevailed against the strength of light and brightness!

Happy Yalda…

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