Merry Christmas

The birth of Christ on December 25, a religious and sacred celebration, has evolved over time with traditions and new rituals, shaping the Christmas we know today. We recognize this day as “Christmas”!

It might be interesting to note that although the birth of Christ and the Yalda night are a few days apart, the philosophy behind their celebration is very, very close. Mithra, the god of light and illumination shared in various cultures, was born into the world on the longest night of the year, and this coincidence made the simultaneous celebration of Christ’s birth with this night an intriguing topic from a religious perspective.

In various cultures, the lengthening of days around early winter is celebrated. For instance, in Scandinavia, men would go to the forest, bring large logs as a symbol of the return of the sun, and set them ablaze. They would then celebrate until the logs burned out (even for several days) to extend the joy.

In the history of Christmas, almost none of the customs we know today were practiced. Gradually, the tradition of bringing branches of trees into homes and decorating them became associated with Christmas. Gift-giving, based on the idea that Christ was a gift to humanity,

slowly became prevalent. Christmas turned into a celebration centered around home and family. Special songs and carols were composed for Christmas, and these songs became so popular that nowadays, everyone can sing along as soon as they hear them; thus, turning into a beloved tradition of this day.

The story of Santa Claus is even more interesting! It is said that a bishop named “Saint Nicholas” was very kind to children and loved giving gifts, becoming famous for this quality. People held him in high regard, and over time, the name Saint Nicholas changed and gained popularity from one country to another, ultimately transforming into the present-day “Santa Claus.” Although his red costume was not invented yet! In 1931, the Coca-Cola company commissioned an illustrator for Christmas advertisements. Eventually, the advertisements of that year featuring Santa Claus in red clothing began, and from that time on, Santa became known in his present form!

Now, on Christmas Eve, everyone gathers in decorated and lit homes, around the Christmas tree; enjoying delicious drinks and treats. They sing carols and engage in group activities. Then, after a night of sweetness and memorable moments, they go to sleep. While children can hardly contain their excitement for the next day’s presents, which they find in stockings hanging by the decorated pine tree.

Wishing you a Christmas filled with beautiful gifts, delicious treats, and joyful gatherings!

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