Qeisi, Dried Apricot, or Dried Nectarine? That’s the question!

Surely, many of us have taken a look at dried fruits while shopping and been puzzled, wondering which one is which. Is it just me, or do they all look alike? Is it possible they all taste the same but pretend to be different? Or is it the one that looks slimmer older?

Let me tell you in this article; we want to examine the differences between three dried fruits that are often confused: Qeisi, Dried Apricot, and Dried Nectarine.

You probably know Qeisi the best among these three! It’s a type of dried plum that retains its original shape, closely resembling a fresh plum that you’ve put in your book! It’s mainly used for cooking, but it also holds a special place in the Yalda night dried fruits assortment.

Now, if we compare Qeisi with sun-dried apricot, we can clearly see their visual differences. Sun-dried apricot, as the name suggests, is dried under the sun and has undergone the kind of sunbathing that is hard to believe was once an apricot! This type of dried fruit has an orange hue, contains less water, and has a longer shelf life compared to Qeisi. Sun-dried apricot is the same one that used to be found in the pockets of every grandmother and grandfather and made us busy for a while so we wouldn’t mess around!

Now, let’s talk about Dried Nectarine! Dried Nectarine, the fruit that we can’t tell if it’s a peach or a plum. The one we think we’ve figured out each time and then see a new variety of it. That beloved fruit that doesn’t have the fuzz of a peach but is a peach in itself! Dried nectarine, due to the size of the fruit, is larger than Qeisi and sun-dried apricot. Its color tends more towards peach, taking less from the yellow and orange hues of the other two companions. Its taste is delicious and chewy, and you’ll fall in love with it after trying it for the first time!

Now, go to the website and see if you can distinguish these three dignitaries without looking at the names?! Then, put them in your shopping basket and enjoy their company, the best in the world of dried fruits!”

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