Mid-Winter Celebration:

In our beautiful and joyous traditions, there is another celebration known as the Mid-Winter Celebration! This celebration took place on the 15th of Bahman, the forty-fifth day of winter! It was believed that after this day, the cold begins to break, and slowly the earth moves towards rejuvenation and sprouting. The sun becomes stronger, and the weather turns towards warmth and spring. Like all our other beautiful celebrations, this celebration had its own customs!

In the past, the primary occupations of most people were farming and herding. For this reason, the return of warmth and light was crucial for everyone. People from all walks of life, rich and poor alike, participated in this celebration. They dressed in clean and beautiful clothes and brought food according to their ability to the celebration. They gathered together, either around a table or in the temple. They engaged in worship and praise of the Creator, expressing gratitude for His blessings, and then the temple priest prayed for the new year for farmers.

After the prayers, everyone placed whatever they had on the table and shared it with each other. They ate fruits, food, and drinks, engaging in conversation and joy. The Mid-Winter Celebration was considered a momentous occasion, marking the midpoint of winter and signaling the gradual return of warmth and life to the land. It was a time of reflection and anticipation for the coming season. These celebrations sometimes lasted up to 5 days. After the Mid-Winter Celebration, farmers slowly brought their agricultural tools out of storage, cleaned and repaired them, preparing for the new year and new cultivation.

Happy Mid-Winter Celebration!

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