Companion of good movies… Good companion of movies!

When someone says, “Let’s gather and watch the football match tonight” or, for example, when they say, “It’s been a while since we watched a good movie, how about we plan to watch one tomorrow?” the first thing that comes to one’s mind to complete the enjoyable and exciting get-together is seed snacks!

When the focus of a gathering is on something like a movie, football, or even watching a scenery, breaking open some seeds (like sunflower seeds) can add a different intimacy to the atmosphere and make the gathering warmer than before. Seeds, with their small shells and kernels, have many practical uses that we often don’t pay much attention to!

On our website, we have several types of seeds. First, let’s introduce “Mahbobi Watermelon Seeds” and “Salted Watermelon Seeds.” Both of these are extracted from the seeds of watermelon. However, Mahbobi Watermelon Seeds come from a specific type of watermelon that has larger seeds. Both types of seeds are low in calories and can help in maintaining the stability of your diet when you are on one!

Then we have “Shamshiri seeds.” These are from the most delicious varieties of sunflower seeds. The shape of the kernels resembles ancient swords, which is why they named them “Shamshiri.” They are very tasty and light, and once you start eating them, it’s hard to resist!

It remains the pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seeds, as you surely know, are extracted from the plump kernels of pumpkins. The lazy pumpkin, with all its laziness, has produced a good product! There are two types of pumpkin seeds on the website: meaty pumpkin seeds and saffron-flavored pumpkin seeds! Their names suggest their prominent features; the rest depends on where and in what situation you want to use them… Of course, pumpkin seeds also have their own place in various mixed nuts!

You can find the various types of these seeds on our website and choose the one you like the most for your gatherings and enjoyable moments.

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