Tavazo’s story

The long and eventful story of ours began in a small and cozy store. A store filled with simplicity and, of course, with snacks! This small store, a nut and dried fruit shop named “Tavazo,” marked the beginning of our story. Haji Ali, the owner of the store, was known for his sincerity, warmth, and the quality of his products, and people liked him. Later on, the Tavazo dried fruits store expanded to the capital, and there, Haji Jalil took it to a whole new level, establishing a successful business for himself!
People from across the country, when they arrived in the capital, would go to the Tavazo store and make purchases. They would introduce it to their friends and acquaintances, or send souvenirs and dried fruits from there to their families. Gradually, the doors of the Tavazo store opened to tourists as well, and we thought, now that we have compatriots abroad and tourists also appreciate our products, why not make it easier for them too?!
Let me briefly summarize the story so that the challenges and hardships of this journey don’t burden you! Regardless of the difficulties, after going through various experiences and overcoming obstacles, we finally established the only official branch of Tavazo outside the country, inspired by your love. So that you won’t miss the traditional snacks and flavorful, patriotic nuts and dried fruits. Just a couple of clicks, and your packages will swiftly reach your hands, bringing joy to our hearts! Our dear friends, we’ve condensed this sweet and lengthy 109-year-old tale into a short animation for you. From the old days of the small nut and dried fruit shop to today’s website and packages sent worldwide! You can watch this beautiful animation from this link:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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