Kebab Taco

Taco is a traditional Mexican dish made from small corn or wheat tortillas that are wrapped around various fillings and eaten by hand. Over time, a variety of tacos have been created, and the fillings have been experimented with in countless ways, each with its own unique cooking recipe! What we have prepared for you is a new and kebab-style model!

This delicious and mouth-watering taco is the best and simplest way for times when you crave kebabs but cannot light up the grill in the apartment, or for any reason you cannot create the conditions for grilling:

For the filling:

300 grams of minced meat

One medium-sized grated onion

Salt and black pepper

Special potato spice


And for the non-filling ingredients!:

Three pieces of pita bread or lavash

Sumac and basil



Combine the filling ingredients to make it uniform. Choose a pan that can accommodate the bread. For each bread, put approximately 100 grams of the filling on one side and spread it thinly on the surface of the flatbread.

Pour some butter into the pan and place the bread on the side where you spread the meat. Let it brown for two or three minutes. Then turn the bread over and let it brown for another minute on the other side. Now, add onions, tomatoes, basil, sumac, or any spices and vegetables you like on top of the bread, and then savor the delicious kebab taco with all your heart and soul!

Enjoy your meal, and feel free to make yourself at home!

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