Garden of Tapestry

Tapestry weaving is a delicate, precious, and exquisite art. This beautiful and intricately patterned fabric is woven from wool and silk fibers. In the tapestry designs, one can often observe the depiction of paisleys and Shah Abbasid flowers. The history of tapestry weaving dates back to the early Safavid period. Some claim that tapestry weaving originated from Kashmir and entered our country, while others argue the opposite. However, it can confidently be stated that finesse, taste, and ingenuity in the weaving, materials, and imaginative patterns are unparalleled in the world!

This art flourished during the Safavid era, reaching its peak and transforming into an export commodity. We have utilized these luxurious and beautiful fabrics in the gift boxes on our website to present your gifts in the most beautiful and precious manner possible. These gifts, with their delectable contents, and their beautiful boxes, will remain with your loved ones and friends for years, reminding them of you.

The tapestry boxes on our website come in two types. One is the beautiful tapestry box, which, according to your choice, contains either mixed salted nuts or mixed sweet nuts. A delightful, beautiful, and valuable gift for your dearest ones…

The second type of these boxes is the 9-piece tapestry packages. According to your preference, these 9 compartments can be filled with various nuts or different dried fruits. As for their beauty and eye-catching appeal, the images speak for themselves…

To order these beautiful boxes with the valuable and ancient art of tapestry weaving, click on the link below:

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