To cook, you need two essential things! First, you need a willing person who is ready to spend hours in front of the stove to prepare a delicious meal. Second, you need ingredients! Neither can do it without the other! Let’s go and see what we have on the website so you can place an order and entrust it to those who are passionate about cooking and making your kitchen smell wonderful!
First and foremost, spices! Without spices, food lacks a distinct aroma and appealing color. Spices provide the taste, aroma, and excitement in your food. On the website, you can find various spices, from our own saffron, black and red peppers, to spices like curry, oregano, and cinnamon. From spice blends for pilaf to flavoring falafel, chicken, fish, and potatoes. From meat stock to paprika and ground pepper; and, finally, the lovely saffron, which is the standout among all spices.

From spices that represent flavors and colors, we can move on to herbs, which, in a way, have a similar mission! From oregano to thyme, they are, in a way, considered spices themselves. They provide flavor and aroma to the food that nothing else can replace. Dried herbs also complete the list of foods and enhance their colors and shine. From greens in herb stew to dried dill, from leek for stew to dried spinach and, in short, any type of greens you desire. Now, what’s left for adding flavor to the food?! Dried onions make our job easier and save us from the tears of cutting and peeling.

We also have black barberries and red barberries that can complement a variety of dishes and make everyone’s mouth water… It might remind you of verjuice when talking about these. Various types of verjuice, both with skin and without, and concentrated verjuice are available on the website. Of course, there’s an exciting option too, which is the jam version, and you can spoon it into your food and enjoy its deliciousness. Apart from sour grape jam, there’s orange jam, barberry jam, and pomegranate jam, always unique, popular, and delicious.

All the ingredients that add flavor, color, and shine to our dishes have been mentioned. Now it’s time to move on to the main food ingredients! Those that make up the essence of the dish and lend their names to the food. Starting with dried plums, various types of dried plums, including prune plums, Bukhara plums, Shiraz plums, and purple tomatoes, which you can use in various plum-based dishes according to your taste and preference. From chicken and fatty fish to various stews and other delicious dishes.

Dried tomatoes are another popular food ingredient that can be used as a substitute for fresh tomatoes and tomato paste in any dish, or sprinkled over various salads, pasta, and more to enhance the flavor. Dried green beans, which are a companion for challenging days and offer a variety of dishes, can create a long list of foods for us. Now, for preparing a festive meal, we have these: walnut kernels and almond slivers, pistachio kernels and pistachio powder, and finally, crushed pistachio kernels, which are essential ingredients for many of our dishes. They are used in rice dishes and many stews, adding vibrancy to our dining table. To garnish rice dishes, you can use these ingredients along with sweetened orange peel, or you can opt for the convenient and delicious pre-mixed rice garnish available on the website to make your meal preparation effortless.

Here’s a glimpse of our kitchen shelves! The shelves are full, and the shopping baskets are ready. Anything that was running low in your home’s pantry, you can entrust with humility, and await to quickly replenish your supplies.

Zahra Barani

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