Please introduce yourself.

I am Neda Aghajari and I studied graphic arts and visual arts bachelors. I’m 38 years old and I have a 14-year-old son. I have been in Germany for about five years.

You have a popular account. What challenges did you have on the way to developing your account as person with hearing impairement؟

Ten or eleven years ago، I had a lot of challenges in the real world as a deaf person، and even though I was educated and an artist، at work I was discriminated against since people saw me as a deaf person who cannot keep up with the world.

It made me depressed and my self-esteem was so low, I couldn’t connect with people as much as now!

But I happened to post cooking tutorials on Facebook and Instagram cooking groups. I was greeted with a lot of encouragement, which made me connect with my friends online. It gave me strong motivation and good energy، and the encouragement of hearing people led me to put my biggest fear aside and tell my followers that I was a deaf person. I faced some interesting reactions and was very encouraged to see how well I am as a deaf person. It was the beginning of fearless and stress-free communication with others and continues to be much stronger until now.

Sometimes people react with pity and regret when dealing with a deaf person, while you have succeeded in your work like any other successful person. What do you think our society needs to learn about dealing with deaf people?

I think our society is very different compared to the past, and fortunately, with information and culture building, people’s attitude towards the deaf has changed and I am very happy about this.   The hearing community needs to know that deaf people see the world beautifully and live in a peaceful and beautiful world of silence, they are very active and intelligent people, and as far as they can, they will develop themselves and their community and never stop trying.

Which food do you think is your signature dish?

What a tough question and what a harder choice.Ghormeh sabzi and Pan kebab.

Of the spices of Tavazo, which one do you like the most?

I use most spices, but the most common spices are curry and red pepper.

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