Oktoberfest is a grand and popular celebration that takes place every year in Munich, Germany, when autumn arrives, and the leaves of the trees begin to turn golden and red. There is a vast open area called “Theresienwiese” in Munich, which gets filled with large and colorful tents from mid-September and usually continues the festivities until the 3rd of October or a day or two more… of course, with the honorable presence of beer! (Are you still trying to pronounce “Theresienwiese”?)

Yes! Oktoberfest began back in 1810 when the entire city of Munich gathered to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese, unaware that this celebration would become a tradition, bringing together millions of people for years to come. Initially, the celebration used to start in early October, but as the number of participants grew, they pushed the starting time forward so that everyone could enjoy Oktoberfest before the weather turned cold.

If you’re joining Oktoberfest for the first time, you’ll definitely be amazed by its scale! Fourteen large tents, each the size of a football field, are set up in this expansive field. Each tent has its own unique color, name, and even brand. Six of the major breweries in Munich have the honor of serving their own beer at this grand event. Of course, Oktoberfest is not just about beer and beverages! There are all sorts of delicious traditional foods, sausages, pretzels, mouth-watering kebabs, and a wide variety of dishes served that also introduce other cultures.

Another fascinating aspect of this celebration is the attire. Both men and women dress in traditional costumes, making them look like they’ve stepped out of fairy tales and legends. The music is the soul of Oktoberfest, with various traditional tunes heard throughout the day, encouraging everyone to dance. As we approach the evening, the music becomes more modern, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite tunes and have fun, regardless of their age. Children ride on carousels and play with various amusements and games.

If you happen to be in Munich around September, don’t miss Oktoberfest. It’s a celebration of music, laughter, joy, friendship, tradition, dance, and song, with the aroma of smiles and memories in the air. Raise a beer mug, savor the food, dance, laugh, and become a part of a tradition that transcends borders…


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