Give pistachios as a gift instead of chocolates and nuts!

Halloween is an ancient celebration and tradition that takes place on the night of October 31st, with its roots in Christian customs and beliefs. Over the years, these traditions have evolved and adapted to contemporary times, transforming from “All Hallows’ Evening” to a night of “trick-or-treating.” During this night, people dress up in costumes, preferably spooky ones, and decorate their houses and pathways in scary themes. They also share frightening stories. Children, dressed in cute or spooky costumes, go door-to-door and, in exchange for not casting spells or scaring the residents, ask for candy.

It seems fair to me as well. Personally, if I had to choose between giving chocolates as a gift and turning into a crow, I would definitely choose giving chocolates! Although I might end up giving roasted seeds and pistachios from my pockets instead of chocolates. Let’s do something about it! This year, in the spirit of humility on Halloween, let’s give children roasted seeds and pistachios as a gift. Now, when we want to give children a gift, what could be more beautiful than the tastes and memories of our childhood, and what’s more delicious than traditional treats? Then you’ll see that instead of the little wizards turning you into a crow and casting spells on you, they themselves have been enchanted by the sweet taste of our delicacies and have joined the ranks of lovers of our culture and traditions.

Halloween is one of those traditions that have evolved significantly over time. So, as you’re scooping out the pumpkin and quietly muttering, “We have our own unique style of pumpkin carving!” get those roasted seeds and pistachios ready. Who knows, a hundred years from now, this combination of traditions might not transform Halloween into “Empty the Hearts” – a product of the fusion of tradition and modernity!

Zahra Barani

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