Azargan is another beautiful celebration. It takes place on the day of Āzar, which is the ninth day of the ninth month. During Āzar, a grand celebration is held in honor of light and illumination. Āzar-gān is dedicated to the worship of Āzar Īzad, the divine being associated with fire. In Zoroastrianism, fire symbolizes purity and brightness. Fire is the only substance that does not get contaminated and always burns upwards, radiating light, warmth, and illumination to its surroundings.

On this day, people went to fire temples and lit fires in the courtyards of their homes. The sacred fire had to be made of dry and fragrant wood and should not produce any smoke while burning. After prayers, celebrations, and setting up ritual tables with various foods in the fire temple, everyone took a glowing ember from the sacred fire home. They made sure to keep this fire burning until the end of the cold season. People considered this fire and its illumination as auspicious and blessed.

On the day of Azargan, fire temples were cleaned and adorned, and people wore new and clean clothes. They took care of their hair and nails and prepared to participate in the celebration. Azargan was a beautiful festival of light and illumination. This celebration is still held in many cities.


In eternity, the radiance of your beauty breathed its manifestation,

Love was found, and its fire ignited throughout the universe.

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