In Praise of Tarragon!:


Tarragon, also known as “Tarkhun” or “Tarkhoon,” is a herb with a slightly tangy and slightly bitter taste. It’s fascinating how the combination of bitterness and tanginess can result in such a delightful flavor! Tarragon originates from North Asia and Western regions of America, but it is now cultivated worldwide.

This flavorful herb is widely used in French cuisine to add taste to meats, poultry, and fish, as well as in salad dressings and vinegar. In many culinary traditions, tarragon is used fresh.

In some cultures like ours, dried tarragon is also utilized. It finds its way into various dishes, pickles, and especially pickled cucumbers!

In fact, for many of us, pickled cucumbers without tarragon might seem strange. Apart from pickles, it is used to enhance the flavor of meat dishes and is commonly added to herbal teas and infusions. Tarragon is one of the most versatile herbs, and even though we may not crave it daily, it silently enriches our lives, making them fragrant and flavorful.

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